About The Spear Report, Independent Investor and Gregory Spear

Marketing gone wild, SEO, etc

Gregory Spear operates numerous sites and domains, with virtually identical content. One can only speculate why that is, but most likely it’s a search engine optimization trick. Numerous links between the many sites may help getting the sites highly ranked on search engines and similar. The numerous hits probably also give him some control over the “top” links, so that he can control what the first search page on the search engines display.

What is more interesting however is how he “syndicates” the good news across those sites. While theoretically possible, I doubt his quant portfolios (http://www.spearreport.org/) and ETF portfolios (http://www.spearsetfanalyst.com/) have identical performances (“All 5 picks up 2% today”, “Pick #5 reaches 5.5%” and similar). People considering hiring Gregory Spear for stock tips, daytrading lessons or money management should think long and hard about the lack of accuracy and/or willful deception.


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  1. Anonymous said, on August 3, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    I have seen Spear creating and abandoning new trading methods over the years. Lost me big bucks. ETF trader is a bust. No updates for months. The gains/losses are shown on weekly basis masking significant losses over a period of time. Stay away from his services.

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