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We both write cheques, briefs and responses etc. from Gregory Spear filed in August 2007 until late 2008, when all papers have been submitted and we wait for the arbitrator ruling. It comes April 24th, 2009. I am awarded a total of $533.335 . August 24th 2009 this is confirmed by a default judgement against Independent Investor, Inc. (Gregory Spear’s company) in New York, same amount plus interest and costs.

When following up with Gregory Spear and his lawyer, not surprisingly he claims he is broke (again?). His lawyer want me to settle, receiving fractions of pennies on each dollar. I’m open to discussions, but then I need some proof that he actually is as broke as he claims. He does not want to present such proof.

I have no idea how much money he has thrown out the window on his cruisade against me, but I would wager it is a significant amount. If he had invested that money into product development, he would probably have a new business unit and real assets. Instead he has a new enemy, significant debt and me breathing down his neck.

For Gregory Spear, this is probably business as usual by now. On the surface, all his business units still operate. During the years collecting information about Gregory Spear and his business ethics, I have lots of other factoids as well, facts I will write about here or elsewhere. One article at the time.

If anybody is curious how I am doing, I am doing ok. Before I was unfortunate enough getting to know Mr. Spear, I have created a few businesses and products, which have allowed me to accumulate some personal assets; assets I have been borrowing against for the last few years. I have a couple of startups I have been involved with lately; nothing bringing in any bacon yet, but hopefully soon.

I’ll also keep tabs on Gregory Spear and taking action when the time is appropriate.


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  1. Sombrero Sam said, on April 22, 2010 at 4:42 am


    Thank you very much for telling this story. It offers a lesson or two about the risks involved in not using a lawyer. In my opinion, it reflects restraint and even level good humor on your part, under trying circumstances. Good for you!

    I once worked for a company that was threatened to be sued by a vendor because the company had stopped ordering from the vendor. My employer’s lawyer pointed out that the vendor had never delivered goods that had already been paid for in advance, under the first contract the company had signed with the vendor. Naturally, the vendor was entirely unable to actually mount a worthwhile lawsuit under these circumstances. Just another example of how some people’s minds “work”. –Vendor was a Canadian guy, but still perhaps a close relative of Mr. Spear? Or maybe the two of them had attended the same kindergarten, from which neither actually graduated?

    Last but not least, I hope you somehow, sometime, collect on at least some of that pretty-big-dollars judgment. You deserve it.

  2. Jon said, on May 31, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Just a couple of ideas – find out where he lives and file a lien against his home. You can also file liens against any vehicles he owns. The best revenge would probably be to simply sell your judgment to a collection agency. You’ll get maybe 20-30% on the dollar and those guys will ruthlessly hound him. If they can’t collect, they’ll sell the judgment to another collection agency and it will start all over again for him. Just some thoughts…

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